Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dad and Alex's Visit to the Pearl

Dad and my brother Alex came to visit me this past month of June and we had a great time. I went through a massive homesick period in April so it was refreshing to have family here. There is something so emotionally satisfying about sharing this experience with important people who are in your life from back home. I felt blessed that they got the opportunity to experience so many new sights and sounds, but most importantly that they got the chance to meet my new family and friends here in Uganda. Below are some of my favorite memories from their trip - enjoy!

Alex, myself and Dad at Lake Victoria

Dad and I in Jinja

Alex and I in Jinja

Rafting the White Nile

Lioness in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Dad's new friend he made during our hike through the Rwenzori Mountains

One of the many crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Yay safari!

Baby elephant playing in the mud

Watering hole time

Us at one of the bigger crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Us at Murchison Falls National Park

Awkwardly loved seeing dung beetles

White Egret

Lioness and her four cubs in Murchison Falls National Park

Hippos playing in the hippo pool

We got to go out to breakfast with my friend Britt and her mother

Dad and Alex helped paint the white base coat to prepare for murals at YALE Secondary School

While Alex spent the day with my co-workers at the Youth Center, Dad and I went on a Koome Island outreach together. He had to get carried to the boat and I think the photo describing this event is priceless.

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  1. Your dad was a long was from the Muddy Rudder! How fantastic that you got to share this incredible experience with them. I love that for you and for them!

    McKayla and I talked about you several tines last week for various reasons and I told her I'd send you a quick note filled with our very best wishes!

    Have fun and cherish every moment you're there!