Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laba! Art Festival

Recently my Youth Staff who participate in the 3 in 1 Art Group got the chance to attend a street art festival in Kampala. They are working with Leslie, a PhD student from British Columbia, fine tuning their public health messaging through drama, dance and visual arts. This group goes to communities in Kayunga and Mukono Districts to promote safe and healthy living as well as medical male circumcision efforts that are provided by MUWRP. This art festival was a fun chance for the youth to show their skills of drama and dance. They preformed short skits as street art surrounding messages such as being faithful, staying in school, stopping domestic violence and violence in general and stopping human sacrifice. They also preformed two very involved cultural dances and had their visual art hanging around our tent. The art festival for my youth was a huge success, but on a selfish note it was amazing to be there and see all the wonderful artists and crafts on display. The youth cannot wait to attend next year and have already started planning their dances. The were so professional, successful and had so much fun at this event that I do not think words can describe how proud I was of them that day. I am blessed to work with the most amazing youth HIV counselors who are passionate in everything that they do.

Dian, Brain and Chris preforming a skit about violence

Youth Center Staff dance off

(Clockwise from top)
Poni, Doreen, Anna, Aliasha, Brian and Rita having fun at Laba!

The logo for Artivists4life that Leslie and her group created

Francis got a character drawing done

The banners that were shown at the end of every skit

Joseph acting as a medicine man during the human sacrifice awareness skit

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