Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mural Painting at YALE SS

Our 3 in 1 Art Group at work does great things for school students in the Kayunga and Mukono Districts (I'm not biased at all by the way!) by working with student groups for six weeks about different public health issues. While at the school working with the students we let the students lead the discussions in the sense that they choose the topics of discussion and then we facilitate educative talks around those issues. It is a safe place for the students to ask questions, share stories and also learn the importance of living healthily and positively in their community. After the six week sessions the students get to decide how they want to teach the rest of their school population what they learned: they get to choose whether they show the student population their positive messages through drama, dance or visual arts. The group at Yale Secondary School in Nazigo, which is located in Kayunga District, decided that they wanted to express their messages through visual arts.

With their mural project they came up with the images that they wanted to be displayed on walls at their schools. Along with the pictures they had to create positive messages to be written in Luganda and English with the pictures. This was a totally student lead project with a little help from the Youth Center. I'm very proud of the dedication and creativity the students at YALE SS showed for this project. I'll make sure to post final product pictures once the final touch-ups are made this week.

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