Friday, November 5, 2010

Swearing-In: I’m officially a PCV (22.10.10)

We all arrived at the Ambassador’s residence in the afternoon right after a torrential down pour in Kampala for our Swearing-In Ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony and we were lucky enough to have the guest speaker be the Ambassador to America and a representative from the Ugandan Government to grace us with advice and their experience here in Uganda. Two fellow PCV’s from our class gave speeches: Christy from LA talked about the strong bond of friendship within our group which was wonderful to address since our group has grown very close and strong over the past ten weeks and Nick from NY (who by the way is a stand-up comedian) gave a light hearted speech highlighting our bond of friendship while classily throwing in the motivational ending of the speech from the movie Independence Day (See “We will not…

After the speeches we all took the Peace Corps oath, which I did not know that it was the same oath that people in the military take before becoming a member of the armed forces. Once that was done it was a high that spread throughout our whole group: the last ten weeks of culture shock, running stomachs, homesickness, sleep depravation, language learning and barriers, health trainings and home stay family high’s and low’s all culminated to this moment.

We spent the rest of the afternoon having an hors d’oeuvres party at the Ambassador’s house and then went back to the hotel to further our celebrations.

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