Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Exploration Study (We have to do a project to “pass” training?!) [01.10.10]

So yes, not only did we have to pass a language exam to successfully complete training, but we also had to create a project that we could feasibly do in a local community using the tools we learned during training. The project was meant to help trainees to begin formulating ideas of how to use resources within their communities for improved livelihoods, but I found it just overwhelming to do on top of everything else! However, I partnered up with my friend Bryan to focus on mental health issues in Uganda. We got to go to the National Referral Hospital for Mental Health Issues in Uganda and meet with the director. We talked with him about different needs in the community of Uganda, misconceptions of mental illness here in country and about his facility. Despite the added work load this project brought on it was an amazing learning experience. Bryan and I developed a training model to educate teachers in public schools on mental health and peer relationship issues. Hopefully if we do enact this program sometime in the next two years it will become sustainable and it is something that the teachers will eventually train the students on. I'm eventually going to add the power point slides to the project for you all to see - the internet isn't working for me super duper well right now and I'm done fighting "Al Gore's creation".

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