Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holiday Whereabouts

When I returned to work after my holiday it had been roughly two weeks since I had set foot in the Youth Center. Before leaving, I posted a sign stating my itinerary of where I would be. It stated that I would be at Peace Corps All Volunteer Conference and then I would be in Kenya for a short holiday abroad. Upon returning to work I received waves of people saying "You're lost" which in Uganglish means "You were not here - where were you - we missed you". However endearing the term is, it is not amusing to hear it multiple times a day. After settling in I decided to delve deeper into this statement and ask the person who said that I was lost where they thought I was all this time. Here are my top three best answers.

  1. I ran away and got married to my friend (friend not specified, but I do usually get a lot of visitors so it could have been anyone really) and went on a very long honeymoon.
  2. I fell very ill and upon discovery that they Kayunga District Hospital could not kill my 'weebie jeebies' (direct quote) I left and went to the Congo for medical care.
  3. I went home because my parents called that my brother had grown so tall he could not fit through a door anymore and they had to make special doors for him to walk through and they needed my help.
Now the third is by far my favorite just because when my brother came to visit they called him giant the whole time. All of the above are ridiculous and I am not quite sure how they came to be actually considered as a possible reason for my absence. Nevertheless, the youth at my Youth Center never fail to disappoint.

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