Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3rd Annual Rhino River Raft Race

This past weekend was the third annual Rhino River Raft Race in Jinja. This year over 20,000,000UGX was raised for Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which was amazing. The race is a flat water paddle for five miles - by the end of the race your whole body is shaking, you can't move your arms or abs and you want to puke from exhaustion. The Peace Corps team paddled hard and came in first place! We had a time of 22:37:61 which was a whole 1:40 ahead of the second place team. We set a new course record - can't wait to paddle that hard next year.

Peace Corps representing

Love them

Coming into the finish - breaking the course record

Rockin' team organizers

Peace Corps at the finish

It came down to two teams - we were waiting and then....we won!

Waiting for our prize and trophy


The official Rhino River Raft Race Trophy - it will be ours next year too

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  1. Congratulations on winning the raft race. It must have been difficult to paddle hard continuously to finish the race first. That trophy you've won is quite unique, by the way.

    David Deland