Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rebecca & Ryan Build a Basketball Court Part 2

So the space behind the volleyball net is going to be where the court is going

These are the types of hopes we want to install at the court. They are sturdy and wel supported though they will not have springs. They will be the first things to go into the ground once we start construction.

We are going to do layered court building - rock foundation, compressed dirt, cement and then tarmac. We are going to use (hopefully) a 2 - 4 inch fine aggregate base tarmac like above.

Court with curbing.

This is what happens to a court that does have curbing around it unlike the first picture. Our court will have a curing built a little lower then the court surface.

Ryan and my's argument for a chain link net because the cost upfront is more, but up keep is less - argument was accepted!

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