Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rebecca & Ryan Build a Basketball Court - Part 1

I'm so excited to say that my proposal to build a MUWRP funded basketball court at the Youth Center has been accepted and we have started the process of building a standard size court in the back lawn of the Youth Center. Ryan Luckie, who is a health volunteer from my August 2010 group, is a civil engineer and he is partnering with me and my work for the project. I feel so lucky to have him on board because he is going to make sure that the court is being built properly and will last for a long time without needing improvements right off the bat.

This past Tuesday we went around and looked at five different basketball courts in Kampala and Mukono District to figure out what we wanted our court to look like and names of contractors who we could start getting building quotes from. After looking at the courts Ryan and I put together a scope document to give to the contractors who are bidding for the project to let them know what we are expecting from them throughout this whole process. Between the scope and the blue prints we have enough of an idea of what we want to start the bidding process this upcoming week! I will make sure ot keep you all informed about how the process goes!

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