Wednesday, February 9, 2011

End of the Holiday Tournament

Our Holiday Tournament ended in January with the completion of the volleyball and football portion of the outdoor games. Both events drew a huge crowd to the Youth Center as well as giving a large spike in our testing and counseling numbers. The volleyball tournament lasted a day and was won by an organized team from the Kampala area. Our Youth Team tried very hard to win, but were overpowered. We gave a goat as a prized to the winning team as well as t-shirts and brand new volleyballs. The football portion of the tournament had an under 15 years of age group and an over 15 years of age group. This part of the tournament lasted most of January and was a draw of most youth still home on holiday break in Kayunga Town. Throughout the days of these tournaments many youth came to participate in the games, counseling and testing as well as life skill workshops that the Youth Center Staff were organizing.

Overall the Holiday Tournament this year was a success. We had roughly 320 participants with the strongest surge of participating females since starting the Holiday Tournament two years ago. I'm excited to have even more successful tournaments over the next year and half that I am working with the Youth Center. My counterparts and I have already started planning the Holiday Tournaments for the next three holiday breaks that are scheduled in this year's school year!

Here are some pictures from the volleyball portion of the Holiday Tournament - enjoy!


  1. ok so now i'm all updated. I don't get on FB that often so i didn't even know about this blog, i remember your father saying something about it but didn't know how to get to it and have been meaning to search for it. Today i saw it on your FB wall.

    I've sat here all morning drinking coffee and reading.. so nice. Eventhough i should be doing Valentine email stuff for the Rudder... oopps. :) Don't tell dad.. hee hee

    so glad your doing super!! i knew you would.

    Miss you
    Everyone at the Rudder misses you
    love you
    Mrs Giddings

  2. Kathy!

    It is so nice to read this! I miss you a lot and think of you and Gary often. I can't wait to see you when I come home - you are on the top of my list! I couldn't be here if it wasn't for you! I won't tell Dad - plus he doesn't know how to read comments so you are safe haha. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with Gary even if you are still closing Monday nights.

    Love you lots,

  3. The best part of the tournament is that the grand prize was a goat. It sounds like you're finding success with your post and community! That's great to know

    I miss you Becca! Can't wait to skype this weekend :D


  4. Love that the goat was the prize ~ so will the kids.

    Keep up the good work!