Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Tournament: Mweso (8.12.2010)

The second day of the YC Holiday Tournament was the board game Mweso. This is a very popular game all over Uganda and is called by different names in the different language areas. It is a game of speed and math – I haven’t quite caught on to all of the ins and outs of the game, but the staff at the YC has said that they are going to teach me which I’m excited about. Below is a hyperlink to the rules of Mweso so you can see just how it is played/how complex of a game it is:

There were about 20 youths signed up to participate in the tournament. The games were played to the best of 3. The tournament drew a huge crowd and the people in the audience started to pick their favorites and cheer for them. I was in the office at the beginning of the tournament and I heard shouting and cheering and thought that they were watching a replay of a football match from the other day, but no – they were competing.

Josh, my counterpart, spoke to the crowd about HIV/AIDS prevention methods before the start of the tournament. He then proceeded to join the tournament and ended up winning! Congrats to my wonderful counterpart!

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