Monday, October 31, 2011

Mid-Service and Halloween

I spent last week with all of the 44 other PCV's from my class at our Mid-Service Conference in Masaka. We spent the time going over current pertinent workshops, sessions on how to deal with cultural issues that are difficult for us currently and also what we are all doing at site/project sharing. I was so impressed to see all the work my fellow PCV's were doing - they truly are amazing volunteers and people. I got excited because my friend Ryan (same amazing awesome Ryan who worked with me on the basketball court) and I are going to do some water sanitation projects together this coming year. I really want to install a rain catchment system at the Youth Center for the community and I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress.

After Mid Service Conference we all headed to Jinja for a Halloween weekend. There were many PCV's there from different groups so it was great to see people I don't get to see all of the time. On Friday night a few of us had a Murder Mystery party that was themed "Murder on the High Seas". I was A.J. Service, a crew member in charge of costumer relations on the ship as well as hiding everyone's dirty little secrets! The show girl Candy Cane ended up being murdered by the Captain's wife (who were getting divorced) because she thought they were having an affair (which they weren't). Oh the drama! Saturday a group of us did a lunch time cruise on the Nile to Lake Victoria and then came back to Nile Porch where we were staying to get ready for the Halloween Party. This year my costume cost my $3 and was probably the most ridiculous idea: I went as a cyclone/tornado. I liked the costume because it cost so little, but it was fun to spin around and have the pictures attached to the string shoot out like they really were trapped in my crazy winds (note: was not the best idea after drinking....). There were a lot of other amazing costumes as well - it's always super fun to see what people can come up with on a small budget and lack of materials.

Group Shot

One of the "Two Black Swans" (for those of you who watch 30 Rock you'll get the reference)

A cyclone and a black swan

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